Side tracked a bit here.


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I was on youtube and got sidetracked into watching an Australian news show from a few days ago in regards to Covid. The state of Victoria is in Lockdown again apparently. One would think they are seeing hundreds or thousands of new cases, right? Over 6.5 Million people in the state, most in Sydney. The virus is running rampant, right?

51 cases is causing a new lockdown. I kid you not. Over a population of 6.5 million.

How in the hell is 51 cases still considered a "pandemic"?

I don't agree with some of what this guy said, but for shiggles:



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I was watching the Australian Open a few weeks ago and they did the same thing during the tournament. There was a small outbreak at an airport (I think that was the case), so they locked down the entire country for five days.

One would think with all of the other things in the country that can kill someone - snakes and spiders and shit - they'd take this who virus thing a bit more casually.