Some cities could cheat in the elections, but not in the NFL


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Detroit, Philadelphia and Atlanta election officials could cheat big-time when counting, tabulating and reporting election results, BUT their NFL teams had trouble accomplishing anything significant on the gridiron. Look at those cities' NFL records ...

DETROIT .... 5-11

PHILLY ........ 4-11-1

ATLANTA ... 4-12

(TOTAL) ...... 13-34-1)

Also, consider which cities' NFL teams finished LAST in their respective divisions, and only Jacksonville doesn't fit the mold of cities that fit right in with support for far-left Democratic candidates -- let alone being cited (in many cases) with significant election fraud allegations. The liberal strongholds (except Jacksonville) didn't fare too well during the past season, and their last-place division finishes attest to that ...

LAST-PLACE NFL DIVISION FINISHERS ... New York City (Jets), Denver (Broncos), Cincinnati (Bengals), Philadelphia (Eagles), San Francisco (49ers), Detroit (Lions),, Atlanta (Falcons), Jacksonville (Jaguars)