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I only turned on the game to see what my retarded neighbor was in his backyard screaming and cursing about. I saw NE up by 4 with 18 seconds left, and turned it back off. My dumbass neighbor must've really wanted Seattle to win. lol
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Greg T.

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I only turned it on at the end because I was waitng for the Blacklist to start!!!
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Member 22 inches of snow....So I only made it as far as BK....
Now as for Chevy....They were doing the new

Now as for the game....I think the FIX was in....THat was the worst call is HISTORY...

Now as for the trophy....It's all over the NET...Brady holding the trophy...And the ball is DEFLATED...Funny stuff...
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Now there all stories on the net asking WHY pass not run...

I told you... the fix was in...

And it was the Colts GM that turned in the Pats deflated balls...
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