The fake news media's anti-Trump bias never stops


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I worked for in Sarasota (Fla.) Herald-Tribune newsroom for 44 years, and it's absolutely disgusting that the newspaper has evolved from a conservative hometown publication to a modern-day fake news outlet.

I live in a solid Republican district, but on a near-daily basis, the newspaper displays strong liberal bias in story selection, headline writing and editorial content.

For just one of many examples, in today's Letters To The Editor section, there are letters with the following headings …

* Trump supporters unleash a monster
* Trump shows allies U.S. untrustworthy
* President broke law on solicitation

... and even when a pro-Trump letter is printed, there are almost always two or three anti-Trump items. It's hardly a fair and balanced presentation, and in the latter stages of my long tenure at the newspaper, I was one of very few conservatives on the staff.

Greg T.

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You should try reading our Escanaba Daily Press. The entire paper looks like a WWII propaganda pamphlet.