Unique whorehouse experience


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A guy walks into a whorehouse and asks for a girl, but the madam says all the girls are busy.

He says, I know you got one back there, I'll take anything you got."

The madam says, "Are you sure?" The man agrees that he will take anything.

The madam then brings him back to old Mabel. The man goes to screw old Mabel, and she says, "I can't screw today, my hips are acting up."

The man says, "OK, how about some head?" Mable replied, "I can't. My jaw has been a clickin'." So the man says, "What the hell can you do?"

Mabel says, Well here, try this." She proceeds to pull out her glass eye and says, "Put it in here.'

The man obliges and puts his pecker in her eye socket and goes to town. When finished, he says, "God damn, that's the best thing I ever screwed. I'll definitely be back to visit ya."

Mabel replies, "OK, great. I'll keep an eye out for ya."