Watch the birth or go to work


Meant to post this topic the other day, but I was sidetracked.
Richard Sherman's girlfriend is expecting birth of their child any day. Pete Carroll says it's up to Sherman whether he plays or goes home to watch the birth.
I was fortunate to be able to watch all 3 of my children born, but decided not attend any grandchildren births, left that up to my wife.
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Seen two births, C Section for my son, and a normal delivery for my granddaughter. Granddaughter was a sort of unexpected witnessing, Mom only in labor for about a half hour, was visiting with her before they moved her to delivery room, baby decided she wasn't waiting for that to of the Nurses ending up taking the delivery in the waiting area, her doctor didn't get there in time from his office two blocks from the hospital... :)
I don't know...Tough call for Sherman to in Super Bowl or possibly watch birth of his first child...GF told him to play the game...but still...
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She got a smartphone, right? Have someone Video that birth and play the game! Or, with Skype he can still watch the action from the sideline! I obviously don't have any kids... ;) lol
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Couldn't watch my first born as I was playing music for a living at that time and musicians DO NOT get sick days. Saw the second two, tho.
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