What do you do for fun?


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A gold miner just finished staking his new claim and went into town to celebrate. At the saloon he's looking around and notices there aren't any women to be found. So he asks the bartender "Say Barkeep... what's a guy do to relieve a little stress in this town bein' there ain't no women?"

The barkeep points out the side door and says "Out in the alley you'll find a barrel with a hole in it. Try not to take too long, as there are a lot of other fellers needin' to relieve some stress too!"

He thinks about it, finishes his whiskey, and tentatively strolls out into the ally. Sure enough, there's a barrel with a hole in it at just the right height! He peeks around, sees that nobody else is around, and timidly presents himself into the hole. And man O man, is it something! He finishes up and strolls back into the saloon.

"Hey barkeep! Get me another whiskey!"

The bartender serves his drink and knowingly asks "Well, how was it?"

"Man, it was GREAT! I'm gonna be out at that barrel every night!"

"Every night except the 3rd Tuesday of each month," says the bartender.

Scratching his head, he asks "Why can't I use the barrel on the 3rd Tuesday of each month?"

"Because," replies the bartender, "That's your night in the barrel!"