What was the No. 1 outrage of the week, in your opinion?


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[NOTE: The Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) is conducting a poll, with the question being: What is the biggest outrage of the week? What would YOU consider as the No. 1 outrage from among the following selections?]

* Big Tech’s (Twitter, Facebook) censoring of the publication and sharing of a New York Post article on Hunter Biden’s e-mails that detailed his influence peddling with China and Ukraine

* Speaker Pelosi’s refusal to consider a smaller, more reasonable, piece-by-piece stimulus aid to airlines, small businesses, and/or individuals

* Democrat questioning of Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett serving only as campaign commercial sound bites rather than an attempt to gain any substantive knowledge

* Suspended CSPAN political editor Steve Scully proven to be a biased choice for debate moderator after lying about the hacking of his Twitter account

* Media questions for Joe Biden continue to be easy “softballs,” while NBC’s Savannah Guthrie goes for the jugular with President Trump during his Town Hall meeting
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I have to say Big Tech thinking they have control of what used to be the 1A
1a doesn't apply to platforms ran by private business.

Just doesn't apply here. Whoever owns this sight can censor me at any time. Just look at what's happened between members here. The size of the business nor the number of users matter.

Do I like it? No. But the failure is on the users to assume that they have freedom of speech on a platform owned by a corporation.

This has been going on since the days of bulletin boards back in the late 80s.

Why is everyone so surprised?