Where's the so-called 'parity' in the NFL?


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You often hear about "parity" with regard to the teams in the National Football League, but that doesn't seem evident, based on the odds quoted for this week's games. Rarely are 4 teams favored by double-digits in any given week, and there are several other games in which a team is favored by a touchdown or more. And some of those odds -- such as Ravens-Cowboys, Raiders-Jets and Steelers-Washington -- seem as if they could be at least a point or two higher for the favorite.

Here are some of the approximate odds for some of the games ...

* Chiefs 13 over Broncos

* Dolphins 11 over Bengals
* Seahawks 11 over Giants
* Vikings 10 1/2 over Jaguars
* Packers 9 over Lions
* Raiders 8 1/2 over Jets
* Steelers 7 over Washington

* Ravens 7 over Cowboys