Happy Fry Day, Douchebags!!!


I nominate Keith Olbermann. Attacking a cancer victim charity? Classless.
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Nice T-shirt. Reminds me of my sister in laws wedding where the groom's dad was wearing an old school trucker style ball cap that said "Bite Me" all day. He only took it off for the ceremony. Suit and a trucker cap... lol As for Olberman, I didn't hear/see what he said. On the surface it sounds douchey, but if very little or none of the funds ever reach cancer victims and rather line the pockets of those running the fund, then my opinion changes. I'm leary of charities... they say the quickest way to become a millionaire is to start a charity. I think Komen Foundation was blasted for how much they rake in as "administrative costs" for that charity. And it doesn't help they have a staff of lawyers standing ready to sue the living shit out of every small time organization that wishes to have a fundraiser and uses words too closely resembling anything they think nobody else should use. OK, off my soapbox now. HAPPY FRY-DAY, DOUCHEBAGS!!
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Happy FryDay, douchebags...
I second Keith Olbermann. You should not attack a group of people for simply supporting a charity, especially one dedicated to helping the victims and families of pediatric cancer. Sure, attack the fund if the funds are not going where they're supposed to be going, but don't attack the people who are donating their time and money to it. And that was what Olbermann was doing, attacking the people who were supporting the charity by donating their time and money. A no class, douchebag act from my nominee for DBoTW.
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Olbermann is an easy choice for me, because I could vote for him as a "douchebag" any week.
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Greg T.

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Bill Herald said:
Greg T said:
New nomination for DOTW!! Gotta be this guy.
It seems as if liberals can come up with blame and/or excuses for just about anything.
It's because the hardcore libs that can't bear to admit they're wrong are grasping at even the slightest straw to justify their positions. They'll stop at nothing.
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