How To Keep Tape Sticking To Thumb Or Fingers


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Apply some Benzoin Compound Tincture to your skin first. This helps to keep the tape on for an entire series.

You can find it in some drugstores or at Amazon.

Be sure that you use all three of those words (Benzoin Compound Tincture) when searching and that it is in the description of what you purchase.

You can buy a 2 oz bottle and use cotton swabs to apply it or you can buy swabs that are pre-soaked and come individually sealed. I use a bottle and q-tips.

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From Wikipedia:

Tincture of benzoin has two main medical uses: as a treatment for damaged skin in the "Compound" form, and as an inhalant in the non-Compound form.

Compound Tincture of Benzoin (CTB) is often applied to skin before applying tape or other adhesive bandages. To some degree, it protects the skin from allergy to the adhesive in the tape or bandage, but mostly it makes the tape or bandages adhere much longer.[2] It is also used by athletes for its reputation of toughening skin exposed to the tincture. Orthopedists applying a cast often spray CTB in an aerosol can onto skin before casting, as it protects the skin under the cast, and diminishes itching.
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I use Turbo finger tape on my fingers and they always start to come off after a few games. I'm going to try this. Thanks!