Mini-editorial: What would YOU do if you were Trump?


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Sit down, take a deep breath and ask yourself: What you would have done if you were Donald Trump?

You've just been elected president of the U.S. the most powerful position in the world. A special prosecutor is appointed to investigate whether or not you colluded with Russia in winning the election.

You know in your heart that you didn’t collude with Russians, but the lamestream media, still in disbelief that their "anointed" candidate (Crooked Hillary) didn't win and angered by your verbal roughness, tweets and lack of political decorum, relentlessly hammers you, your family, and everything about your life.

You come to find that the foundation of the investigation into Russian collusion is a salacious and false dossier that was funded by Hillary's campaign, and you also learn that officials in the FBI and DOJ utilized dirty tricks to smear and defame you.

The entire Russian hoax process drags on for more than two years. You’re beside yourself and finally threaten to fire the prosecutor.

When you are finally vindicated by the special prosecutor of colluding with Russia, the Democrats and the lamestream media, still intent on destroying your presidency, turn to the special prosecutor’s hint of obstruction of justice, even though no crime was alleged.

In the wake of your opponents' push for even more investigations, wouldn’t you yell, “Enough is enough! It’s over!”?

Greg T.

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I'm sorry, but I would retaliate. I would hire a special investigator to make sure those who were responsible for the lies and fake intel are held accountable and are punished within the full extent of the law. ALL of them.


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I'd take control of the military by putting trusted allies in key positions, then have all my political enemies rounded up and sent to Guantanamo for round the clock waterboarding!