Weather forecast reminds me of why I moved from Wyoming to Florida


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Here we are in the second half of May, and I just glanced at the weather situation in the town that I left (Casper, Wyoming) for Florida in 1966. It snowed in Casper overnight Saturday, and the five-day forecast calls for MORE SNOW on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week.

I was news editor of the Casper Star-Tribune in 1966, and I was used to snow in the month of May each year I was in Casper, but when it snowed again on June 6, 1966, I knew it was time to head for warmer climates, and by late summer, I had relocated to Sarasota, Fla., where I have lived ever since.

Boy, am I glad that I live in the Sunshine State!

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Snowed in June 1966? Dang Bill.. You mean we had snow in Summer? That is a residual effect of Manmade Global Warming! I was 4 y/o and no one told me! Oh we are so doomed.


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Meanwhile here in NC, we're looking down the barrel of a weather system pushing Memorial Day weekend temps to 95°+.

Average high this time of year is 80°. :Devilish:


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WAMO, do you have friends/family in Oklahoma? I read they have a lot of flooding from the recent storms (not to mention the tornados!) Eastern KS and Western MO were having similar issues too.

I know some past AB members are up that way. Hope all are OK.


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95 here in N. Alabama. Supposed to be 99+ in many places down in FL.
Dear Djarum300:

It's hot and humid, for sure, in this neck of the woods, but as for 99+ in this area of Florida, FORGET IT!

NEVER in the history of Sarasota has the temperature reached 100, because if the temperature nears that mark, it automatically kicks in a sea breeze off the Gulf of Mexico (where the water temperature peaks around 89), keeping it below the century mark.

The all-time record high for this date (May 26) is 95 degrees in 1953, and there's a good chance that we'll tie the mark today, or even make it to 96. Yesterday (May 25), the record high for the date was 96, and we fell one degree short of that.