AW mini-editorial: Biden's budget proposal would bring disastrous results


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President Biden released his new and ridiculous budget proposal last week, and it's no surprise that it's nothing but another massive tax-and-spend monstrosity courtesy of U.S. taxpayers. It's nothing shy of a direct attack on hardworking families.

America is more than $31 trillion in debt, and skyrocketing spending is continuing day after day. Instead of targeting Americans’ bank accounts through higher taxes and IRS audits, Biden and congressional Democrats must find a way to come to the table and work with Republicans to address the mounting debt crisis and huge government overspending.

The president’s proposal includes $5 trillion in new tax hikes that will hammer U.S. families and small businesses, and his plan also injects another $43 billion into the IRS. That’s on top of the $80 billion given to the agency last year to hire 87,000 new agents to come after more of Americans' hard-earned money.

It's nothing but a formula for economic disaster.