I am.... Scolai.


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I boiled the internet down to 2 websites - Facebook and BR. Once the clowns at BR decided that they couldn't manage a non-bowling forum, I lost one of those sites. I tried to join over here in January, but there was a glitch in the matrix, and I couldn't join. I pretty much said fuck it after that.

Good to see some of the same names over here.

Greg T.

The Jizz Slinger
DJ, Bill Herald, jls, CRD, Sevenpin, Spider man, Jorge, Rags, Rob, 9~, MI2AZ and a couple more

Greg T.

The Jizz Slinger
Yes, Good Time Good Times, also!

Yeah, not a lot of banter yet but we're getting there. Life is good here. Lightly moderated and still free speech.

Shit, looks like the shields aren't dropped yet.