It's all about Trump


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Listened to a few clips of the Megyn Kelly show interview with Mark Cuban.

I give credit for him going on her show, but its obvious that there were questions that it was obvious that he didn't have a real answer for, especially BLM.

His answer in regards to China was that he has been working with our state department to help Chinese asylum seekers. While that's noble, as Megyn pointed out, that does nothing for those who are still in China.

The most interesting bit of the interview was her asking him about running for president. He said he wouldn't. He said he was apolitical until Trump, and he'll go back to being apolitical when Trump isn't in office.

I see this alot.

The question(s) always go for me:

Is it because he's Republican?
Is it because he's Trump?
Is it because he won an election no one thought he'd win?

I just don't get it.


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And just to break this down a bit:

I've never seen a Republican treated this way. Close elections happen all the time, and they get them wrong often.

So that leaves what?

The only policy position that might be of concern for a Democrat is affordable health care, abortion, and 2A rights. He's got more people back to work. He lowered tax rates for the poor and middle class ( even though the media would have you believe only the rich got tax breaks ). He's brokering peace. He's trying to bring jobs back. He has never cared about gay marriage.

I think he's done more democrat shit than many democrats.


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One thought... you know how the "woke" culture likes to turn on their own when they step a single toe outside the accepted agenda? Well Trump was a Democrat for all those years, and instead of toeing the party line and staying in his place, he became a traitor and won office as a Republican.

However, I'm still not convinced he wasn't originally intended to be a Trojan Horse meant to ensure certain victory for Hillary. Well, that plan backfired. I still don't understand why the Dems are confused or surprised by Hillary's loss. Everyone loves Bill, but even back when he was in office everyone thought Hillary was an insufferable bitch. Hell, the Dems themselves opted in 2008 to run Obama instead of her (and won! A black man won - TWICE! - despite all these evil Trump supporting misogynyst racists in the country - how does that happen?). Hillary lost because she is so unlike-able and untrustworthy as a person that an opponent as "deplorable" as Donald Trump was the better option. And Biden ain't much better IMO.
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