Opinion: Rittenhouse trial showcased the progressive addiction to misinformation


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I'm sure you've sat there wondering how such lies can persist. Part of it is that the liberal media is a vast and powerful institution. The second part is that their target audience believes the crap they're manufacturing. The third emerging aspect is Big Tech's campaign of censorship against conservative outlets.

This is quite a hill to climb if you're trying to tell the truth. The weaponization of fact checks to censor articles the left hates and curb their reach is pervasive. Fighting back is harder still since the inmates are running the asylum in that regard. The Rittenhouse trial and verdict is probably one of the most explicit examples of how progressives are just addicted to misinformation. It explains why the Russian collusion delusion has remained, along with so many other fake news stories that have become main entrées served by the liberal press.



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Many of the MSM are back peddling. I mean, I get that if knowledge that isn't out there comes to light of the case comes out during the case...fine. But most of what the MSM was railing against were lies as everything we already knew was out days after the event. Right wing outlets were already reporting that he didn't carry the gun across state lines. That he had family ties to Kenosha.