Political Limerick Thread

Greg T.

The Jizz Slinger
Let's see who can create some good political limericks. If the rhyme is not your please give credit. I'll start with an original:

There's a candidate calls himself Biden
Who's niche is subterrain Hidin
He gets big bucks from China
But still keeps on tryna
The coattails of Obama keep ridin


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A man we call Chucky E Schumer,
Who hails from the era of Boomer,
At Pelosi's side
He's along for the ride
As if he were Nancy's ass-tumor.


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A Pres'dent named Donald J. Trump
Gave Dems a swift kick in the rump.
They got quite upset
That their for-certain bet
(That is Hillary) was sent to the dump.


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Hunter Biden took copious notes
Of sweet deals with China he wrote
When his laptop appeared
Big Tech just went weird

And news of the scandal was choked