Radical Bonus: Intel on steroids!

Maine Man

New Member
I drilled the Radical Bonus to be my benchmark symmetric replacement for the Intel, and this ball really impresses me! My Bonus is about 2-3 boards stronger than the Intel, and 1-2 extra feet of length at box. I am a left handed bowler, 340 rpm, 16.5 mph, 18 AT, 55 AR, so I wanted my benchmark symmetric to be able to be used across multiple oil patterns and give me a "true read" to what I am seeing, and the Bonus fits perfectly. I drilled it with one of my favorite layouts, 4.5" x 30, so it will go through the fronts, pickup the mid-lane, and transition quickly. The Bonus, which features DynamiCore for more hitting power and longevity, has been my go to ball on Earl Anthony 43', Wolf 32', and two different THS. It is VERY versatile and takes to cover changes extremely well. If you can only buy ONE ball this season, I would recommend the Radical Bonus, it really is that good. You can order the Bonus now from Moore's Pro Shop and pro shops everywhere. Thank you.

- James Goulding III