Radical Tremendous Review

Maine Man

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Radical Tremendous
Layout: 40 x 4.5” x 70
Surface: Box finish
PAP: 4 5/8" x 0"
RPM: 360
Tilt: 15 - 17
Left Handed

I have thrown the Radical Tremendous on (3) different oil patterns and really like the motion it gives me for a strong, asymmetrical solid. This ball is an updated and enhanced version of the popular Radical Guru, and it delivers! On a typical house shot, I was able to move inside and keep the ball in the oil longer, taking advantage of the strong cover/core combo. Pin carry was excellent even with the lower angle playing inside, from 21-13. On a medium sport pattern (Athens), I was able to play in around 14-15 and migrate further in as the pattern broke down. I also used it on a short, heavier sport pattern (Stockholm), and had great success playing around 4-5 and letting that big weight block tip the ball into the pocket, as the aggressive cover allowed the ball to roll early and set up perfectly. This ball is a must have for sport patterns, and if you like to play inside on heavier blend house shots. Release date is July 11, 2017, make sure you get Radical!

James Goulding III (Brunswick Staff)