THE Gretchen files suit against Fox News?

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Looks like Roger Ailes, the Chairman and CEO of the Fox News Channel, is quite the horn dog.

You would never know Ms. Carlson has filed a lawsuit as FNC (to the best of my knowledge) hasn't mentioned a thing about this on-air.

My prediction is that this lawsuit gets settled out-of-court with both parties agreeing not to disclose the terms of the settlement (this is how a similar sexual harassment lawsuit involving Fox "personality" Bill O'Reilly was resolved).

I don't know much about what goes on at Fox News, as I rarely (if ever) watch their BS (I'm too "librul" to soil myself with their right-wing propaganda). However, I'm looking forward to Saturday Night Live skewering FNC's "Fox and Friends" show, which is a specialty of SNL.

It's interesting to read that Ms. Carlson is a former Miss America. While it would be fascinating, in a salacious sort of way, to see Mr. Ailes' dirty laundry aired in public, I doubt this lawsuit will see the inside of a courtroom despite Mr. Ailes' assertion that it's all lies and the suit will be "vigorously defended" in court. I also wonder how many hundreds (if not thousands) of hours of air time on Fox (and our resident Fox apologist AW) have been devoted to castigating Bill Clinton (and other Democrats) for their sexual indiscretions? This lawsuit couldn't have happened to a nicer guy...

I wonder if there's any truth to the rumor that Mr. Ailes is interviewing prospective (female) applicants to replace Ms. Carlson? He's especially interested in hookers and porn stars. :rolleyes:


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All news shows need more hookers and porn stars if the viewers keep getting screwed over or jerked around with all the dirty talk and lies. :)