The new neighbor


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Matt just moved into his new house in the country. After unpacking all morning, he decides to take a break and sit out on the porch. He'd only been out a few minutes when a pickup truck comes flying up the drives, locks up the brakes, and before the dust settles a man leaps out the driver's door and exclaims "Howdy neighbor! My name's Bob and seein' as yer new to the neighborhood thought I'd swing by and invite ya to a little shin-dig over at my cabin about 8 o'clock tonight. There's gonna be lot of eatin', drinkin', fuckin' and a fightin'! It's gonna be great!"

"Nice to meet you Bob, my name's Matt. All that sounds great. Being new to the area, what should I wear?"

Bob lifts his hat, scratches his head and says "Oh, nothin' special. It's just gonna be the two of us!"
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