Who are you?

Post a pic, where you're from, and what you do with your time. Chris the Hose James, Muskogee, OK. 25 year travel agent, 11 years as the Muskogee county law librarian. Screenshot_20210106-071423_Facebook.jpg

Greg T.

The Jizz Slinger
Greg The Legend Tolman: Member of Michigans Rock and Roll Legends Hall of Fame. Hot rodder and engine builder. Harley Biker. Been screwing groupy chicks and wives since I was 16.




Active Member
Keith - family man, ordained minister, teacher, karate dude, and all around good guy.

The Fam, grabbing some Mission BBQ.

Marrying a couple who were once students in my English classroom.

Doing good for the kids I teach.

4th dan Isshinryu

Grilling some gator for my son's going away party before he shipped out to basic training.