Radical Rattler: Shocking the pins!!

Maine Man

The Rattler from Radical is one of the most anticipated balls I have drilled in a long time. I was excited to have that perfect symmetric solid benchmark ball back in my lineup. I drilled the Rattler 80 x 4.75" x 40 to give me length when I needed it, and controllable backend motion across a wide range of conditions. My first set out of the box was 760, checking all the boxes for me: good pin carry, forgiving on poorly executed shots, ability to move side to side on the lane and form a variety of angles to the pocket. Game, set, match. I have used it on a THS, Thailand 39' sport shot, and a custom 48 ft. sport compliant FDDS signature series oil pattern, having success on each playing multiple angles to the pocket. The Rattler uses the S.H.A.R.P. solid cover, which is still clean and continuous, making this the first ball out of my bag most nights. A true homerun from the folks at Radical. Check out my quick hit, one shot video here: