radical bowling

  1. Maine Man

    Radical Informer review!

    Radical Informer Layout: 45 x 4.5” x 70 Surface: Box finish I have thrown the Radical Informer on (3) different oil patterns and really like the motion it gives me for a strong, asymmetrical solid. This ball has an updated Incognito core, and enhanced TS-1 additive to the cover for more...
  2. Maine Man

    Radical Maximum Results Review (with video links)

    Radical Maximum Results Review I drilled the Radical Maximum Results to be a replacement for the legendary Radical Conspiracy, and it fits perfectly! Drilled 60 x 3.5” x 70, this ball handles heavier volumes of oil while giving you aggressive mid-lane read and traction to get through the pins...
  3. Maine Man

    Radical Bonus Pearl Review

    Radical Bonus Pearl Review I drilled the Radical Bonus Pearl to be a stronger, quicker symmetric ball than the original Bonus Solid. Where the Bonus Solid is super smooth and continuous, the Bonus Pearl is like the solid on steroids! I laid out the Bonus Pearl 3.5” x 30* to give me what I...
  4. Maine Man

    Radical Incognito Pearl Review

    Radical Incognito Pearl Review: I drilled the Radical Incognito Pearl to be a stronger compliment to the original Incognito Solid. This ball delivers! I laid it out 20* x 4.5” x 30* to give me mid-lane read and tremendous pop off the back of the oil pattern. The Incognito Pearl is exceptional...